$10 Phone Sex$10 Phone Sex with Bargain Bimbos!

What happens when a mad scientist decides to create the perfect female phone sex servants? And what happens when the plans to turn towards World Domination? What happens when the mad scientist loses control of the Bimbo Squad? Will these hot ladies’ control all of earth’s men with their demon beavers? And what if the price to talk to these lovely creations is only $10 bucks? Find out the answer to these questions and more… when you call BARGAIN BIMBOS!

Dangerous Phone Sex Liaisons

Are you horrified by filthy sex fantasies and sexual talk without any limits? If so, you better leave now. This website is a safe haven for freaks. We like it kinky, rough, dirty, and without taboos. We believe in FUN… flirtation…. and phone sex fuck-a-thons. Whether you like it fast and dirty for the $10 phone sex price… of if you are a creative and intelligent guy who likes longer calls… these cum-thirsty bimbos are going deliver exactly what you crave.

Pick Your Chick

Our horny ladies are curious, obsessive about sex, and very kinky. They behave in a horny and natural way because that is who they are! If your fantasy is not already a sleazefest then they will make it one because Bargain Bimbos are all about perverted pleasure.

A Phone Sex Paradise

It’s a bimbo bonanza here because we’ll take you to the outer limits of your kinky fetishes and fantasies. There are no limits to your imagination with our sexploiters. We’ll discover your triggers and erogenous zones to create the ultimate double feature in phone sex!

Phone Sex
Customer Service
Phone Sex

$10 Phone Sex


$2.00 per min after the minimum


International calls - 1-808-460-6611

Same Rates - Long Distance Charges apply



Billing shows up very discreetly on your credit card statement. We do not post the billing name here so your significant other cannot do a search on it. The name is listed on the preamble recording you will hear when you call.

Billing is easy and very secure. We use an automated system so you can Pay by Phone. This means you will enter all of your own Credit Cards details and do not need to give that information over to a live person. Your info is more confidential this way and you maintain the control of how much you want to spend. 


Some clients like to Pay Online for their call, and you can do that by registering an account with us. The same thing is true that this is secure and you maintain control. Some clients like paying online so that they can add funds to their account in higher amounts, and then break that up into several calls. 



Paying Online has lots of benefits including: Easy private messaging to Ladies, your own Call Reports so you can see EXACTLY what you spent, ease in adding funds, marking certain girls as your Favorites, and more!



$10 Phone Sex


All billing is discreet! You'll hear the billing name on the preamble when you call along with a review of the rates and how the service works. It's very confidential and no one will ever know you have called a phone sex line.  All billing is secure! No human being will even see your full credit card number. And you don't have to use your real name with the operator either. It can't get any more private than that!


If you sign up for our service online please know that everything is secure and we are never going to email you unless there would be a problem with your billing. Operators do not "share" information and no one discusses your interests. We never pass information along about you. Whatever you talk about with each lady is completely private and only between the two of you!



We do not send anything via snail mail and we won't send you any email unless you contact first. We have excellent customer service skills and we understand that our clients value their privacy!

Customer Service

$10 Phone Sex


We believe in STRONG Customer Service. We know you have lots of choices but BargainBimbos.com is a caller oriented company. Our goal is your SATISFACTION and that not only happens during the sexy talk... it happens with the ease of your full experience from the moment you call. We "get it".  We treat our callers with RESPECT, we never discuss your call, and you have control over your spending with our system!


If you have any issues using our website or services please feel free to contact customer service between 10 am and 7 pm daily. We'll try to help you in any way that we can! You can reach Lynn by calling her direct at 1-888-522-3403.




Why do we call ourselves bimbos? It’s cute, it’s fun, we mean it as a joke, and we aren’t offended by simple things such as words! Bimbo is sort of a slang term used to describe a hot chick with little to no brains. We truly do not feel that a particular definition fits us…. but we DO like the word. We believe the word bimbo implies a sense of fun. Its attention-getting, it’s flirty, and it implies a lot of naughtiness will follow. Pretty much describes us well in those terms! It’s probably not a word for a girl you want to marry or want to meet your mom… but you DO know that you’ll have a good time with a bimbo! That’s exactly what we want to do with you every time that you call! We’ll make it a party baby! And no, we’re not interested in meeting mom! Yes, we ARE truly what the name implies… Bargain Bimbos… we like phone sex as much as YOU do too. So, if you are looking for a good time with no strings attached…… then give us a call!

Our Bimbos have NO TABOOS

This means you can talk about any fantasy you’d like. Go ahead and feel free to share your deepest and darkest desires with us! We’re open-minded and you’ll never be judged! We believe that fantasy needs a safe place to be expressed fully. And we work hard to provide callers that opportunity! Whatever your fantasy is – we are open-minded to it. We believe in fantasy exploration and freedom!

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