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Why do we call ourselves bimbos? It's cute, it's fun, we mean it as a joke, and we aren't offended by simple things such as words! Bimbo is sort of a slang term used to describe a hot chick with little to no brains. We truly do not feel that particular definition fits us. but we DO like the word. We believe the word bimbo implies a sense of fun. Its attention getting, it's flirty, and it implies a lot of naughtiness will follow. Pretty much describes us well in those terms! It's probably not a word for a girl you want to marry or want to meet your mom but you DO know that you'll have a good time with a bimbo! That's exactly what we want to do with you every time that you call! We'll make it a party baby! And no, we're not interested in meeting mom! Yes, these girls ARE truly what the name implies... Bargain Bimbos... we like phone sex as much as YOU do too. So if you are looking for a good time with no strings attached...... then give us a call! Cheapest Phone Sex
These phone sex girls are your average kind of girls. They aren't more intellectual then anyone, they come from typical and normal households, they live ordinary lives. Perhaps one of the more interesting things about them is that they are phone sex operators. All girls work from the privacy of their homes and the one thing they all share in common is their need for sex. These girls live their ordinary lives.... at least on the surface. But each and every day these bimbos are making men cum on the phone, and they do it because... they are bimbos in the perfect sense of the word!


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